Beautiful Agate at the Balikpapan Market

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Hunting for agate at the Balikpapan Market is an exciting thing for anyone who visiting Balikpapan. Located at Jalan Letjen Soeprapto, Balikpapan, Pasar Inpres Kebun Sayur, a traditional Market was originally built to accommodate previous traders affected by the market fire several years ago.

Even though it's called the Pasar Inpres Kebun Sayur or Vegetable Market, Menong's friends won't find vegetables in this market. This market is a tourist destination dominated by typical Kalimantan agate. 

Bolangers can take city transportation towards Kampung Baru - Batu Ampar Terminal with public transportation number 1, and then towards Kampung Baru - Terminal BP with public transportation number 5 or towards new village – BP Terminal with public transportation number 6. From the direction of the airport, Pasar Inpres Kebun Sayur is quite far away but much more exciting and enjoyable the beauty of the city of Balikpapan.
Vegetable Garden
Vegetable Garden Inpres Market 

Hundreds of traders open simple stalls in Pasar Inpres Kebun Sayur. Various colorful stones really tempt agate lovers. Agate is cheap up to millions of rupiah. Not only interested by  domestic tourists who are fans of agate, Pasar Inpres Kebun Sayur is also in demand foreign tourists.

The types of stones that are sold vary from small to large sized stones, jewelry rings, pendants, earrings, necklaces and others. Make sure the authenticity of the color on the stone when Menong's friend buys a necklace because some types of stones are added with artificial color in order looks more attractive. Don't forget to bid on the price to get the price best. 
Various Agate
Various Agate

Apart from agate, Menong's friends also get it buy souvenirs typical of Balikpapan or souvenirs typical of Kalimantan such as cloth, mandau, mats and others in this market. I myself bought tiger nails (mackerel fish snacks) and typical Dayak cloth as souvenirs.

batik pattern
Kalimantan's typical batik pattern 

Amplang at the Vegetable Garden Inpres Market

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