Travelling in Balikpapan, East Kalimantan

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Remember Balikpapan, the center of business and industry in Kalimantan East, of course, will remember the center of the best rocks in this country. My impression since set foot at Sultan Aji Muhammad Sulaiman airport, Sepinggan International Airport, Balikpapan, the streets and the city are arranged neat, no wonder because Balikpapan has won 18 Adipura awards time. Traveling in Balikpapan, East Kalimantan  is a must when Menong's friends visit East Kalimantan,

Balikpapan even won the highest award in the field of cleanliness. Crowned as The World's Most Loveable   City or Most Loved City in 2015 by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), nope is undeniably one of the most convenient cities.

Balikpapan is located on the outskirts of the beach, no wonder Menong's friends   can enjoy the beauty of the beach wherever Menong's friends go.
Travelling in Balikpapan, East Kalimantan
Being in Balikpapan for almost a week, me too the opportunity to enjoy sightseeing even though it is only limited around the airport just.
Staying not far from the airport, I just had the opportunity just a walk in the suburbs. But that didn't stop me from tasting it some typical culinary Balikpapan.

Dandito Crab

The first recommendation is the Crab Dandito located not far from Sepinggan Airport. As a seafood lover , of course I am immediately agreed to the invitation to eat famous culinary delights in Balikpapan. So I go by using public transportation, at a rate that I think is expensive, approx Rp. 5000 even though the distance traveled is very close. Because in the month of Ramadan, I have to book a place in advance because it turns out to be a crab place Dandito is not very broad. 

Dandito Crab serves many crab dishes. Crab black pepper, dried fried fish and cah kangkong are my choices. In accordance with the the price listed on the menu, one portion of black pepper crab costs Rp. 150,000, but the taste is indeed delicious according to the price :D
Crab Menu in Balikpapan, East Kalimantan
Crab Menu at Dandito 

Actually, there used to be a more delicious menu, namely egg crab but it has been absent since the ban on trading crab eggs to maintain the crab population.

For low budgeters , Menong friends can stop by at Crab Canary with a wider spot. But in terms of view, the view on Dandito crabs are much better, so I prefer Dandito.

And if Menong's friends are interested in bringing crabs as souvenirs, Dandito and Kenari provide safe packaging services for boarding aircraft.

The second culinary is mantau, bread without filling that is served with a side dish of black pepper. This is the first time tasting mantau, a typical food Balikpapan immediately became my favorite. Glance similar to the bakpau already familiar to my tongue but softer textured. When the ballers intend to make mantau as a souvenir, get ready to spend more in because the price is quite expensive.


Located on the edge of the Makassar Strait, of course Menong's friends can visit the beaches along the city of Balikpapan. Thank God, the place I went to while on duty in Balikpapan was right on the beach. Because it is not a tourist location, this beach is still quiet and calm so I can freely play in the sand, hunt for crabs and take selfies😍. Traveling in Balikpapan is really exciting! 

Beach in Balikpapan, East Kalimantan
favorite culinary in Balikpapan, East Kalimantan
Always favorite culinary
Balikpapan is also a business and industrial center so that the facilities are very complete for Menong friends who are not used to being far from big cities. Menong friends can easily find well-known fast food in this city. 

Crocodile Breeding 

I also had the opportunity to be invited to visit the crocodile farm in Teritip Village, which has been operating since 1991. This place is quite interesting. Apart from cultivating crocodiles, crocodile skin products are also developed here. There are 3 types of crocodiles that are bred, namely estuarine crocodiles, freshwater crocodiles and supit crocodiles which are considered rare. 

Here are other destinations that make some friends I am passionate about spending time traveling in Balikpapan, namely the Vegetable Garden Inpres Market.

Big crocodile in Balikpapan, East Kalimantan
Big crocodile

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