Historical Museum in Bandung Part 1

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Born and raised in the city of Paris Van Java, I have known many historical museums in Bandung since I was a child. Some of the museums I have even known since I was in Kindergarten because I live near the center of government. This time I took a walk through various museums with community friends. Wrapped in an interesting game, this activity successfully added to our joy on Sunday.

Museum of the Asian-African Conference

The Museum of the Asian-African Conference (KAA) is one of them the most important museum in Bandung even in Indonesia. This museum is full of ideas perpetuate the milestones of Indonesia's participating foreign policy success spreading the soul, spirit and source of inspiration for the struggle for independence Asian and African countries. Located in the heart of Bandung, Jalan Asia Afrika No. 65 – not far from the town square of Bandung–, this museum was inaugurated on April 24, 1980, precisely on the 25th anniversary of the Asian-African Conference.
Museum of the Asian-African
Museum of the Asian-African Conference
As one of the historical museums in Bandung, Menong's friends can peek at the remains, information related to the Conference Asia Africa. There are several facilities worth visiting, namely the exhibition hall remains, diorama of the opening of the 1955 Asian-African Conference, library, and hall audio visual.
Speech of Ir. Soekarno
Speech of Ir. Soekarno: A new Aisa and Africa was born 

collections of the KAA Museum
One of the collections of the KAA Museum 

Gong symbol of peace
Gong symbol of peace for the nations of Asia and Africa, diameter = 2 m, weight 270 kg

Tables and chair
Tables and chairs used during conferences 
The Museum of the Asian African Conference is open every Tuesday – Sunday from 08.00 – 16.0 WIB, Monday and national holidays Lid. When visiting museum, I had the opportunity to get acquainted and chat with foreign tourists who were Visit the KAA museum. Most come from African countries. Besides that I was able to witness the raising of the flags of 109 countries participating in the KAA by scouts.

Indonesia Sues Building 

Located in the Viaduct area, Perintis Kemerdekaan Street No. 5, not far from Bandung City Hall, the Indonesia Mengjuang Building is one of the phenomenal buildings in the city of Bandung. In this building Ir. Soekarno read out his plea entitled "Indonesia Sues (Indonesia ё Klaagt Aan)" on December 2, 1930. This building was made a historical asset and was inaugurated in 1999.

In this building there is a replica of the atmosphere of the trial of Ir. Soekarno when accused of treason by the Dutch. Unfortunately, Menong's friends were   not allowed to take pictures in this room.

The thrill of a trip to the historical museum in Bandung during the holidays. Apart from gaining knowledge, historical tours are also relatively cheaper! Come on, there are still many museums that can be visited


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