Indonesia Traditional Hair Loss Remedies

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Onion for hair loss
Hair care is one of the things that is mandatory for anyone. Hair that is covered most of the day or exposed to dust or other often creates its own problems. I have summarized these traditional hair care ingredients from various sources and have practiced them myself.

For women who don't have time to go to the salon, hair treatments can be done using traditional ingredients at home using natural ingredients that are usually found in the kitchen.

Overcoming Hair Loss

One of the causes of hair loss is tied hair. The first suggestion for dealing with hair loss is to cut your hair shorter and not beyond your shoulders – but you can still tie it up to keep your hijab neat.

Heavy hair loads will cause hair to fall out easily, especially if the hair doesn't have strong roots. When you are at home and not wearing the hijab for muslim women, let your hair fall freely without being tied up. There are many brands of anti-hair loss or anti-hair fall shampoos, but onions or spinach leaves can be natural ingredients to treat hair loss.

The first way with a few crushed shallots. To minimize odor, add lime juice and stir well. Apply slowly and evenly on the scalp. Leave it for a while. While waiting, you can do their homework first ;)
onion concoction for hair loss

After 30 minutes rinse with water and wash with the usual shampoo. In the last rinse, mix water with lime juice. Hair will feel soft and fluffy and hair loss will decrease.

The second way is by using the water soaked in spinach leaves. Cleaned spinach leaves soaked for ± 30 minutes and used as water to wash hair. Leave it for 30 minutes. Wash again with shampoo and rinse thoroughly. This method is of course easier and odor-free, but in some cases, soaking in spinach water will cause hair to dry out.

There is another simple traditional hair care remedy, namely by using starch water or rice washing water. Of course, this method is easier and more economical because we can easily get starch every day. Take starch water and apply it to the scalp just before washing your hair or you can also use it as a direct rinse when washing your hair.
starch water for hair loss

Overcoming Dandruff

Hair that is covered all day is also prone to the appearance of dandruff. Dandruff is often difficult to get rid of, especially when Muslim women who wear the hijab have no other choice, such as washing their hair in the morning and immediately wearing the hijab or at night and not long after that they fall asleep. Hair that is damp, not dry can cause dandruff to grow more easily.
lime for hair loss
Lime has long been used as a traditional anti-dandruff agent. Besides being easy to get, limes are also not too expensive, one lime at a vegetable shop costs Rp. 2,500. the way is certainly easier, cut the lime with circular slices to maximize the taste of the water. Apply it to the scalp evenly and wait for a while. Wash your hair with shampoo and rinse your hair thoroughly. Apart from getting rid of dandruff, lime juice also refreshes the scalp.

There is an extreme way to get rid of dandruff, namely by applying mouthwash to the scalp and letting it sit for 15 minutes. Wash hair with shampoo as usual. This method is quite telling. Hair skin will feel fresher. But be careful, Muslimah, long-term use can cause hair loss more easily.

Slowing the Growth of Gray Hair

It is natural that gray hair will appear as you get older. However, there are traditional ingredients that can slow down the growth of gray hair, namely by soaking green tea leaves. The trick green tea leaves soaked in hot water. Wait until it cools down. The soaking water is used as the final rinse water when washing your hair with shampoo. Do it regularly, OK?
green tea for hair loss
Green Tea

Moisturizing Hair

Coconut milk can be useful for moisturizing hair. Currently, coconut milk is available in instant form and is ready to use, so Muslim women don't have to bother preparing coconut milk from grated coconut first.

Ready-to-use coconut milk can be applied directly to the scalp evenly. Leave it 30 minutes. To get rid of the slightly rancid smell. Apply lime to the scalp and hair strands. Let it rest for 15 minutes. Wash with shampoo and rinse with water until clean. To remove the lingering odor, rinse with lime juice and rinse again with water.

Coconut water and lime
Coconut water and lime
Beautiful, strong and healthy hair is certainly the dream of every woman. This traditional remedy for hair care has been proven to be easy and inexpensive to do at home.

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