Menong Doll Purwakarta, West Java, Indonesia

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Menong itself is a typical souvenir of Purwakarta, to be precise the village of Plered (my grandfather moved from Kertasono, Nganjuk, East Java to Plered, Purwakarta, West Java before moving and finally settling in Bandung in the early 1930s).

menong doll

Menong is a small statue of a woman made of clay or ceramics. Menong means a beautiful woman or girl. Menong was originally made by Yanto, a ceramics craftsman, in the 1980s. Menong is actually a combination of several typical Indonesian ornaments such as the Lampung siger, Dayak clothing motifs, Balinese Legong frangipani flower decorations and tassels of traditional Papuan clothing. Although initially menong was created as a home decoration, now it has become a typical souvenir and icon of Purwakarta.

Name is prayer. In accordance with the meaning of the name attached, I hope that this blog will turn into a beautiful woman, not only physically – I am still stuttering about using this domain and all its devices – but also meaningfully linguistically.

And why I named this blog “justmenong”?

Because it was my childhood nickname. It's classy, unique and memorable.
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