I am Menong, your Indonesian friend who will introduce Indonesia from another side that you may never get.

Born and raised in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia, I admit I am still amazed by how many surprises there are about culture, traditions and many things in Indonesia.

My togetherness with the justmenong blog started with a bit of the story of my journey while on duty. I will try to describe my love and gratitude for this beautiful country in simple words.

There is a feeling of affection when I only store a collection of photographs in a laptop folder so I want to share them with others. To be honest, I'm not good at telling stories about myself, so the flow of the blog is only decorated with my enthusiasm when I travel around Indonesia.

I chose the name justmenong as a tribute to my child's name. Menong is a doll typical of Purwakarta, a city in West Java, which means 'beautiful girl', a nickname my father's family gave me.

The justmenong.my.id is the English version of the justmenong.com, which tells stories about the daily lives of Indonesians from the point of view of someone who books and chocolate freak, addicted to learning new things and a Zauji's happy wife.

Welcome to my blog...a timeless zone